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Fuel growth and revenue with an efficient inventory and POS system. Comes with AI-powered tools.

Running a pharmacy is a fulfilling yet challenging job.

Inaacurate reports


Your staff aren't robots. Every now and then, manual tracking of sales and inventory is one snooze away from discrepancies.

Chaotic inventory tracking


Yes, it's a common problem that your recorded sales versus the current stock in hand do not tally at the end of the day.


Are you tired of manually generating statutory reports for your pharmacy because your regular POS can't help you? Hear, hear.

Faulty, outdated POS system


"Hey, it still works, right?" If you've been thinking about replacing your current system for a while now, maybe this is *the sign*.

Hello, Parmazip

Parmazip is a modern and efficient solution to help you run and manage your pharmacy. Smoothly run your pharmacy and drugstore business wherever you are with this advanced API-ready sales and stock manager.



Easy to use, barcode-ready POS

Inventory tracking


Know where all your products go

Smart reports


Get real-time business analytics

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Upload products with AI

Upload Products
With AI

Import your product master list easily using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Any MS Excel file format will do and let AI do its magic.

Track prescriptions and discounts

Track prescriptions and discounts

Say goodbye to manual log sheets and record all prescription sales and discounted sales while you do your regular POS process.

Controlled Substances

Comply with drug regulations by automating reports on controlled substances and dangerous drug use.

Built to make your work easier less hard.

Parmazip is designed for pharmacies of all shapes and sizes.

Affordable sales and stock management


Affordable sales and stock management

Parmazip empowers independent community pharmacies by providing a cost-effective and user-friendly POS and Inventory management system designed to help make their daily operations more manageable and sales performance more visible.

Integrated dispensing with EMR systems


Integrated dispensing with EMR systems

With Parmazip, clinics and hospitals can provide integrated medications at the patients point of care. This helps pharmacies easily validate and dispense the prescriptions and medication orders provided by the healthcare providers within the health facility.

Multi-branch monitoring and data analysis


Multi-branch monitoring and data analysis

Parmazip helps pharmacy and drugstore chains manage their business performance by monitoring data remotely across multiple branch locations. Level up warehouse, sales, and stock management with the latest technologies.

Experience the advantage of new technology.

More than just a POS and inventory software, Parmazip is continuously
building tools for your convenience.

Work online or offline

Work online or offline

Whether your pharmacy has a fast internet connection or not, Parmazip works either way. Monitor your sales and inventory remotely and get near real-time updates while your pharmacy system works with minimal internet dependency.

Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems

Parmazip can connect with other modern applications through API integration. If your pharmacy is part of a healthcare facility like an outpatient clinic or hospital, its information can connect with Parmazip to securely exchange data.

Take control of your multiple pharmacy branches

Take control of your multiple pharmacy branches

All you need is one clean dashboard to see how your drugstore branches are faring. Your data from multiple locations is automatically aggregated to show you a comprehensive summary of inventory movement, sales, and expenses.

Parmazip is HIPAA compliant

Parmazip is HIPAA compliant

Parmazip demonstrates its commitment to industry-leading best practices for security and privacy of protected health information as required under HIPAA.


This is the best time to start your pharmacy's digital journey.

There's a lot at stake, so act now.

Not using a pharmacy management system can have serious consequences. It can lead to financial losses and missed sales opportunities due to inefficient inventory management. Manual prescription processing increases the risk of errors, jeopardizing patient safety. Slow and inaccurate billing processes result in financial losses and unhappy customers. Without a centralized system, patient information is hard to access, compromising patient care.

Limited reporting and analytics hinder decision-making and optimization. Non-compliance with regulations and lack of integration create legal risks and operational inefficiencies. Inadequate customer service, ineffective workflows, and missed business opportunities further impact the pharmacy's success and reputation.

With Parmazip, your pharmacy will experience the impact of technology from Day 1.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Automates processes, streamlines workflow, and boosts productivity.

Patient Safety

Prevents medication errors through organized customer prescriptions and purchases.

Better Business Insights and Decision-making

Real-time data, improved inventory management, and financial performance.

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